Son Mexicano In California

Four Generations – Son Mexicano In California Performance August 10, 2012 At Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles A performance highlighting the talent from San Fernando Valley’s art nest, titled Four Generations Son Mexicano In California, will..... read more

Concert to Celebrate Professor Herrera

Concert to Celebrate CSUN Professor Herrera Hundreds of people are expected to gather at Los Angeles’ Ford Theatres next month to celebrate the contributions of Mexican-American and Chicano performing artists to California’s richly diverse cul... read more

4 Generations: Son Mexicano

4 Generations: Son Mexicano In California Musicians and dancers representing 4 Generations “strummed, stepped, and sang” telling a story that represented history, art and activism. Actor Rene Rivera read from the book that told their story...

Retablos de Mexico: The Tradition Continues